New Smartphones Coming in 2014

Many things have happened in 2012, dual-core processors have given way to quad-core powerhouses and cameras on smartphone make owning a point-and-shoot camera pointless. On the other hand, high-end smartphones are using display resolutions that exceed our ability to distinguish each pixel. Fortunately, there are still rooms for improvement in 2013 and these are few things phone manufacturers may pack into next year’s models.

Better Quad-Core Processors

This year brings quad-core chips to our smartphone and dual-core processors are being pushed down to mid-range category. Better quad-core processor with more efficient and faster 28nm semiconductor technology will arrive next year. Quad-core processors will also eventually find their way to mid-range or even entry-level smartphones. For example, a cheaper version of Nvidia Tegra 3 “Kai” is expected to be used on future smartphones. Perhaps, it is a bit too soon to expect for a 6- or 8-core mobile processor.

NFC Finally Starts to Take Off

So far, Near field communication (NFC) still fails to deliver seamless wireless transaction and it hasn’t replaced a credit card yet. It is also quite unlikely for the technology to replace common transactions methods in 2013. Nevertheless, phone makers and users will find other uses of NFC, such as for social networking. Sony recently unveiled “Smart Tags” which allows an Xperia smartphone to change modes and profiles quickly.

1080p Display on High-end Models

720p is currently used on higher-end models, while mid range phones are likely to use WVGA and qHD resolutions. Next year, we will eventually see more mid-range handsets sporting 720p display. Currently, HTC is planning to release its first phablet with 1080p display.

Things to expect from major smartphone makers in 2014:

Apple PhonesIf everything goes according to plan, we should see a successor to iPhone 5, perhaps the iPhone 5S or even the iPhone 6. It is quite interesting to speculate how the next iPhone will look like. Most fans expect that the iPhone 6 will have a revolutionary curved design, p-Si LCD display and 128GB of onboard storage. Wireless charging is also expected.
New Blackberry PhonesMore devices running BlackBerry 10 OS are expected to arrive in 2014, which is surely much too late. This would only ensure the company to face further decline in the latter half of 2013.
HTC PhoneHTC may release Facebook’s official smartphone sometime next year and previously, the Taiwanese company has released a number of devices sporting deeper Facebook integration, such as HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha.
Huawei PhoneHuawei may release more number of new Ascend models in 2014. A successor of Huawei Ascend P1 may have a display with higher than qHD resolution, quad-core processor and Jelly Bean.
LG PhonesLG’s smartphones in 2014 are likely to be equipped with Q Voice (a virtual assistant) and flexible shatter proof display.
Motorola PhonesMotorola may release more number of new smartphone in 2014, with higher than 720p resolution, quad-core processor and Jelly Bean. Motorola will also release new smartphone with powerful battery from the RAZR MAXX lineup, possibly with 720p display and faster, but efficient multi-core processor.

New Nokia Phones

Nokia should be able to abandon Symbian entirely in 2014 and deliver exceptional Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Samsung PhonesSamsung Galaxu S6 will be one of the most awaited smartphone in 2014 and it should feature a variant of Exynos 5 Dual processor, improved S-Voice, Jelly Bean, 2GB of RAM, 12Mp rear-facing camera, Pen-Tile display and 2000+ mAh battery.

Sony Phones

Sony will release more number of quad-core smartphone in 2014.